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      Child Specific Mountain Bike Forks

      We have completed extensive research and created our very own suspension forks for lighter riders to ensure that every Push the Limits MTB performs perfectly no matter how lightweight the rider.

      Many riders have suspension that is incorrectly set up, it is not a difficult task, just take your time and don't do it in a rush!

      Setting the Sag

      What is sag? This is the amount the suspension compresses when a rider sits on the bike. How much sag you run is specific to the bike and the rider. In general fork suspension works best when set to between 20% and 25% sag for trail riding. For example our MTB 62 has 65mm travel in the forks so the sag would be best set between 13mm and 16mm when you sit on the bike. The MTB 69 and MTB 72 have 100mm travel in the forks so they would be best set between 20mm and 25mm.

      You can set this with your child standing up on the bike. Before you start slide the rubber O-ring travel marker (around your fork/shock stanchion) down to the seal. Place the bike alongside a wall so that they have something to lean against and get them to stand on the bike, standing up on the pedals whilst leaning against the wall. Get off the bike carefully and measure how far the O-ring has moved (from the seal upwards).

      Rider Weight Pressure
      20-30 kgs (44-66 lbs) 20-30 PSI (1.38-2.07 BAR)
      30-40 kgs (66-88lbs) 30-40 PSI (2.07-2.76 BAR)
      40-50 kgs (88-110 lbs) 40-50 PSI (2.76-3.45 BAR)
      50-60 kgs (110-132 lbs) 50-60 PSI (3.45-4.14 BAR)
      60-70 kgs (132-154 lbs) 60-70 PSI (4.14-4.83 BAR)

      Don't neglect your forks, being used in muddy, off road conditions can cause them to degrade if not looked after. Visit your local bike shop for a fork clean, lube and tune up to ensure they run smoothly.